Home Health, Home Care- how will I and my patients/residents/clients know?

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Our goal with the Sequoia website and blog is to provide comprehensive information that is easy for our clients to understand. Look at other home health and home care sites, and you’ll find the majority have a very corporate feel or are difficult to navigate. If industry professionals often have a hard time understanding exactly what we do and the difference between home health and home care, how can we expect our clients and their loved ones to know what services our industry provides?

That said, Sequoia wants to be your resource. Send your patients, residents, clients, doctors, & co-workers to our site. Let us break down the differences, as well as provide a variety of relevant articles, resources and community events along the way.

This graph is the easiest place to start. Want to know what a true palliative care program involves? We have you covered there as well.

If you have an event you’d like to promote, a topic you’d like to see an article about, or want to tell us how awesome we are, or someone in the industry is, email us at kim@sequoiahh.net so that we can get the word out.

We appreciate your dedication to this industry and to our valley seniors. Please, share this blog, bookmark it, and come back regularly for updates!

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