6 Ways to include Grandma into Easter festivities

This Easter, parents/grandparents may be joining in family festivities. While it’s easiest to let them sit in the corner watching the hubbub going on around them, consider these 6 senior-friendly options to help them participate and feel welcomed instead of leaving them feeling lonelier by day’s end.

  1. Dye Easter Eggs with Whipped Cream– The old-fashioned method of setting eggs into cups with colored vinegar water can be a tricky method for aging hands. The newest trend is dying eggs in shaving cream, but an aging family member with dementia may mistake shaving cream for whipped cream. So why not use whipped cream instead? Here is an all-ages friendly method from Spend With Pennies.
  2. Go To Church– Back in the day, wearing your finest on Easter Sunday was a must. Surprise grandma with a lovely Easter dress, with matching bonnet and gloves to take her back to her younger days.
  3. Watch a classic Easter Movie- From classic Charlie Brown flicks to religious-themed movies, check out this family-friendly Easter movie list from Country Living. 
  4. Hunt for Easter Eggs– Grandparents can indulge in this tradition as well, with minor adaptions. Instead of hiding eggs on the ground, look for hiding places that are easy to reach, closer to arm and eye level. Also be mindful of finding safe areas that are trip and hazard free.
  5. Easter Egg Knocking– The traditional egg game of egg knocking can be enjoyed by all ages, and is a fun way to end a traditional Easter brunch. Each person takes a hard-boiled egg and takes turns with other players trying to crack the top/bottom of the egg. The person with the last un-cracked side of an egg wins.
  6. Easter Baskets– Easter baskets aren’t just for kiddos anymore. A basket with treats such as large-letter word finds, sugar-free chocolates (for those watching their sugar intake), springtime costume jewelry, and pocket-sized photo books filled with photos of the grandkids are a great way to make grandma feel special and included. Instead of a traditional Easter basket, use a basket that can serve a dual purpose of holding medication, toiletries, or fresh fruit.

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