6 Ways A Personal Care Attendant Can Help You

Companion Care is non-medical care that includes assistance with ADL’s, or activities of daily living. While many feel that they have their home care situation covered with family member oversight, most don’t consider the alternate ways that a personal care attendant can be used to help loved ones and give families additional assistance and peace of mind. Here are six ways that a personal care attendant can help you and your family:

Coming Home from the Hospital– A personal care attendant can be used for this crucial transition time. S/he can make sure the home is clean and free of safety hazards, drive the patient home, pick up needed prescriptions, prepare a few days worth of meals, work out an appropriate follow up plan of care, and seamlessly transition proper care needs to family members when needed.

Attending a Family Function– Weddings and family reunions can take a toll on family members trying to plan the event, while still meeting mom or dad’s needs, especially if mom or dad has dementia. Enlisting the help of a personal care attendant allows you the freedom and ability to help with the function execution while still allowing mom or dad to be safe and actively involved.

Nighttime Respite– Family members who are caring for a spouse or parent long term can become overwhelmed and physically & mentally exhausted. Consider nighttime respite care for a loved one who may have daily and nightly needs. This allows the family caregiver to get much needed sleep, while the client gets professional, attentive care.

Weekly Meal Preparation– Is your loved one not eating properly, either because s/he can’t prepare a nutritious meal, can’t drive anymore, has a physical impairment, or is recovering from an illness or surgery? Having a caregiver come in to prepare meals for the week is a good option. Aside from having a selection of nutritious meals for the week, the client can also use that opportunity to have the personal care attendant tidy up and assist with a quick shower, if needed.

Personalized Dog Walking– If there’s not a plan for Fido during and after a surgery, personal care attendants are an ideal choice. They can walk the dog, tidy the house, and eliminate safety hazards in preparation for a client’s discharge.

An Extra Set of Eyes– When mom or dad is in another town, it can be difficult to ensure their physical and emotional needs are being met. Bringing in a personal care attendant as a “companion” to a client is a good way to have a third party provide oversight. Additionally, we keep in close contact with you in case we see any red flags, i.e.. hygiene, dementia, fall risk, depression, etc. so that you can be proactive in making decisions to keep mom safe.

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